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  • After contacting the surveyor and providing adequate information, the surveyor will provide the potential client with a contract proposal.
  • Upon receiving the completed and signed contract from the client (along with a 50% retainer for new clients), the surveyor will place the project on the company’s project timeline schedule. A client is NOT placed on the schedule until the completed and signed contract (and 50% retainer for new clients) is received by the surveyor. The schedule can change due to inclement weather, pandemics, etc.
  • Once underway, the project is researched, field work conducted, and CAD files prepared. Often communication is required between governing bodies, attorneys, and title companies. These outside parties can attribute to additional time of the project completion. 
  • If a plat is requested, it is delivered to the paying client or governing body for submittal in PDF and CAD formats unless otherwise required by the governing body where submission is made.
  • The invoice is net due upon receipt and provided by both email and USPS.


Surveys are unique to each project with no one being the same, and therefore, proposals are fitting to the size, scope, and scale of each. Some factors to consider are the history and records available, terrain of the land, vegetation upon it, and the detail requested of the survey. Surveying is never simply measuring from one point to another along existing fences or from supposed/assumed corners. It involves knowledge of city, county, state, and federal property laws and ordinances and each governing body’s process. It also involves research not only of the subject property, but of its adjoiners as well. Access, location of utilities, or easements among other things are also very often required aspects of consideration.

In the state of Tennessee, any parcel under 5 acres must go through the subdivision process within its associated jurisdiction (city or county). If city sewer is not available, the property will require soils approval from the county. The preliminary soils process should be started BEFORE the survey to avoid unnecessary surveying costs. This assures that a soils area actually exists or is preferable to the project plan before a survey is conducted saving the client a potential cost.

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